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Girišće Beach
Girišće Beach
Bošana is a tiny settlement a couple of kilometers north of Pag town, looking on Pag Island's inner bay, Paški Bay. We would like to introduce the village on Bosana.info's pages.

On an asphalt road Bošana is accessible from south, starting in the Vodice district of Pag. When heading north one passes by Bošana the road would go through a forest area, considering the island's features this is an unusual phenomenon. This is Dubrava, a protected natural area. The next group of houses is Sveta Marija - this is where the asphalt road changes into a good quality macadam road towards Sveti Marko and further. The asphalt on the road returns only a couple hundred meters before the crossroads above Sveti Duh Beach.

The several kilometers long coast around Bošana is mainly steep, at parts rocky, however, at several locations bathers and swimmers find bays with gravel or almost sandy beaches. Such bays exist on both the northern and southern (Mirmanić Voda Bay) sides of Bošana, then the most popular beach on the western coast of Paški Bay, Dubrava Beach in Rozin Bok Bay. More beaches are below Sveta Marija, Girišće, Sveti Marko and by Cape Filino.

Besides swimming and relaxing on beaches Bošana offers an excellent hiking target, too: the tourist path up to Sveti Vid, the highest peak of Pag Island starts by Sveta Marija.

Restaurants, bars, shops are not available in Bošana, eating out and shopping can be done in nearby Pag town.

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Beach on the northern side of Bošana
Beach on the northern side of Bošana

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